Lori's Vision for Lehi

Growth - Grow Responsibly

Growth reflects progress but it often comes with challenges and opportunities.  Because Lehi is a great place to live with amazing people and access to many amenities, we are experiencing rapid and unprecedented growth.  The city council members and the mayor have an important role in properly managing the growth as more and more properties are developed within our city.  

As a City Council member I would help better manage Lehi’s growth by making sure that the infrastructure is in place before the building begins, that our roads can handle the increased traffic load and there is enough water for the new and existing users.


I support the Parks Art Recreation and Culture (PARC) sales tax that would assess one cent per ten dollars in sales within Lehi City.  The city has outgrown their many community activities including Arts in the Park and the annual Easter Egg Hunt.   The Lehi Arts council needs a bigger venue than what is current for the great plays that it presents along with more space for the workshops and classes being taught.  I am a big proponent of outdoor recreation.   Both children and adults need a place to play sports, enjoy nature, and enjoy artistic performances.  A regional park will foster and strengthen our Lehi city community.   

All people who come into our city to eat at restaurants, shop, stay, and play at our parks and cultural centers will also be contributing to the tax which takes some of the tax burden off our citizens.


I support Rank Choice Voting, otherwise known as instant runoff voting.  It helps to elect the candidate with the broadest appeal.  It gets rid of duopoly where only republicans and democrats have the power to get people elected.  With RCV a third party candidate will not siphon off votes or spoil the votes.  It allows you to have more choices which is always good.  It allows the winning candidate to be the one who is most preferred.  It is the fairest way to run an election.  I prefer rank choice voting that does not include a primary because a very small percentage of citizens vote in primaries which means their vote carries a lot of weight.  

Also, having a primary costs candidates more money which may deter others in running in the first place.  I’m all for helping the election process be easier so that it encourages all people to run, not just those with means.  Having citizens vote for all candidates I believe levels the playing field and is a more accurate representation of the city as a whole.

 Please note that I have been asked by Lehi City to include this link for more information. 

Public safety

I would work to fund and defend our law enforcement if given the opportunity. The men and women of law enforcement risk their lives daily so that Lehi citizens can live a more secure and peaceful life.  I support our police officers 100%.  Lehi city officers undergo pertinent training such as de-escalation, crisis intervention, and virtual simulator in order to better serve the citizens of Lehi.  We need to keep these programs and ensure adequate funding for others.

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